Pro V3 not reconnect http streaming

A good device that does not work for commercial projects.

My surprise was huge when via api I programmed V3 to play a streaming:

Example: command=setPlayerCmd:play:

The reproduction is perfect, but when you stop the server that serves the music and connect it again, the V3 does not reconnect and reproduces again what has already been requested by the api.

Consulting the support they tell me that it does not have that function.

So we have a good device, which for a small detail is not suitable for commercial sound, without a doubt a great mistake of the developers.

I don’t know if they will be able to implement it in future updates

All the best

while they implement it a possible solution
(an inelegant way) would be:

In the server, the status of the V3 is requested via api through “getPlayerStatus” every, for example, 2 seconds.

If the response is “STOP” we send the play request again via api to v3
if the response is “PLAY” we do nothing.

As I say, it is an inelegant way, since this option had to be included.

Hi Fran,
Currently, the device is designed for consumer using, and did not consider this point, it just stop playing when found link is not available. And it’s not good to retry forever, might stuck the playback in some condition.
In your project, I supposed you have a controller to talk with the device, you could use the TCP API to monitor the status. And when found it stopped, it could resend the commands to start the playback.

Thanks for the answer, Well, more or less what I put in answer 2. But I could have that option available and whoever wants to use it and who doesn’t, well, doesn’t use it and that’s it.