Power to Ceiling Speakers

Was wondering how people are getting power to the new ceiling speakers with built in amp. I see there is a power adapter that I assume plugs into the master speaker but where do you plug the adapter in if the speaker are in the ceiling? Thanks

Hi, for the power adapter, it would be easy if there’s an existing power line in the ceiling. And if not, can consider to take power from a light socket. And need to be very careful with the strong electric.

Competitor products with similar active in-ceiling speakers have the idea power solution…it’s called POE++
Example : Litheaudio

You don’t need the external power supply and in many countries it is illegal to have an external power supply in the ceiling and also illegal to tap into the light circuit to power any devices/appliances other than lights.

The POE solution is definitely a winner for this type of product.

You should look into this…

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the info. This product looks very interesting. However, could get very expensive if your looking at adding these to the entire house. $700 for the speaker, $270 per speaker for the POE module. Can you run Cat5 to each speaker from a POE switch? Either way your still running cables, whether electrical or data. Thanks

Hi Bruce,
Very valid input and points to consider :+1: