Power supply on Amp2.1

Hi , happy to join this forum - first post about Power Supply on Amp2.1 .
I’m using as fix power supply a AC-DC 24V-6A via the VH 3.96 of the Amp 2.1 board . What will happen if I simultaneously plug in an extra DC supply via the jack ?

  1. when power is on VH 3.96 ?
  2. when power is off on VH 3.96 ?
    The aim of the question is to secure an alternative supply with batteries . Thks

Hi Eric,
Welcome to the forum.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to connect a mains power supply and batteries simultaneously.
I would suggest that if batteries are required then either you mechanically switch between the two supplies or if the batteries are rechargeable, make them as the main supply and add a charger.

Hi Steve ,
Ok with your answer , I can of course include a mechanical switch upfront the socket supply to either supply with batteries or via a transformer .
But, with consideration of product reliability, how do you appreciate the design including 2 supply sockets which can be uncompatible to each other ? Could you pls check ?
This question is also linked to the fact that batteries generally also act as buffer for Power variations , the intention being not to charge the batteries via the board

Hi Eric,
I am a bit confused why you want the battery attached, if it’s just to smooth the supply then you should use a capacitor bank.

Hi Steve ,
When plugin Power into the VH 3.96 , the jack socket receives current.
When plugin the jack socket to teh PS, the VH 3.96 receives no current

Hi Eric,
From what you are saying, it appears that when you plug into the jack socket an internal switch inside the socket overrides the VH3.96 socket input?
I don’t have a Amp2.1, so I cannot check this.