Power ON with IR after power OFF with API

Using an A50+, after using the API to turn the power OFF, I am unable to turn the device back ON using the IR remote; the only way to turn the device back ON is with the physical button the back of the device.

I would expect the power OFF action of the API to behave the same as the power OFF action of the IR remote, which allows IR to also turn the device back ON.

Minor inconvenience but another small issue I seem to have discovered :slight_smile:

@mclarkdev Matt.

This issue has certainly been discussed a few times on the forum. If you search around a bit you will find other peoples experiences and maybe a solution (of sorts) :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards, Kevin

I actually have been unable to find any mention of this on the forum here? :confused:
Would you be able to provide some links?

Sure Matt. I’ll have a look over the weekend. Pretty sure I’ve seen it around and the Arylic team is not massive but they generally get around to answering most posts and questions.


For reference, this is the API call that I am making

curl http://$device/httpapi.asp?command=setShutdown:0

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Yes will check over the weekend but I seem to remember no way of waking it up without a power cycle :roll_eyes: