Power on action question


our main application for a DIY streaming soplution is using it to stream internet radio.
We want to place the device in the bathroom with a power socket that is switcxhed by the room lights.

Does the Amp v4 continues the streaming after powering on?
I don’t want to actiovate the internet radio or last action doine before switching off every time I enter the room and switch on the light.

Or is it possible to devive a power on action?

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There’s actually an autoplay feature in the WIFI module, it’s default disabled because many users feedback the speaker is playing itself after power lost and recover. We could try to add an API to let user enable it with tool.

Thank you for the feedback.
I understand the reasons why this has been enabled but it should also be considered that we should save energy and therefore a complete shutdown when not using the device is also a useful option.

Would be great to have this possibility to define a autostart behaviour.
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I would love a feature that would allow it to return to the previous internet radio stream after power off power on cycle. I would be happy to see that an option in the 4STREAM app.

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I need this autoplay feature, too. Is there anything I can offer, so you implement this? I would even pay for it, or buy a few additional 2.1 Amps if you implement it.

Even if there would be an autoplay action you’ll have to wait boot time and establishing the wifi connection after entering the room. (around 20 seconds I guess - didn’t count)

I stayed with a simple fm-reciever in the bathroom connected to the lights switch - the only thing that is playing immediately.