power from 5V out on AMPv4 - maximum rating

Hi Frank @zpl1205
What is the maximum power I can get from 5V out on AMPv4?
I want to power some led lights, but I do not want to burn the amp?
How much amp I can draw safely?

Is it possible to draw 1/2 Amp from that connector?

500mA would be OK, you might have to test it. Anyway, it won’t burn the AMP, don’t worry.

Similar question here. I consider powering a 4-port LAN switch through the 5V out. It may take up to 1A.
My setup will use 4 AMPv4 powered from a Meanwell 24V 350W supply.

5V1A is too much for the board. You need to use standalone adapter for the switch.

Ok, thanks for feedback!
After all real power is ~3W for the LAN switch but I won’t risk it and connect directly to mains via its adapter.