Power adapter for Up2Stream Amp V4?

I bought a three Up2Stream Amp V4 amps but didn’t realize the power adapter was not included. I see that there are two in the Accessories section that would be compatible:

  • 24V/4.16A
  • 12V/1A

I am powering a pair of Micca M-8C 8 Inch 2-Way in-Ceiling Round Speaker from each amp. The pairs will each be in separate rooms. The goal is whole home audio but more from a background music / sporting event perspective. Not any type of loud and overwhelming situation.

I’m assuming I can get away with the 12V/1A version but I don’t really want to assume. I’m surprised that there isn’t a little more guidance to even narrow it down to the two adapters I listed.


Hi Matt,
Personally I would go for the 24v option, from past experience I have found that few SMPS deliver the current output that they state on the label, it’s better to have some in reserve if needed.

You need to consider the speaker you’re trying to use, to determine which power adapter is needed. Normally you need to consider the power and resistance of speaker. For AMPV4, 24V will have max power for 30W@8ohm, and 50W@4Ohm. and for 12V adapter, the max power output will be about 10W@8Ohm and 20W@4Ohm. For your reference.

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@zpl1025 Hi Frank,
It would be very helpful to purchasers if you include this info in your product advertising.
I stand by my previous comments.


Thanks for sharing this Frank.
I would also suggest ( like @Steve1 ) to add this to the product specification info.

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