Possible to play through Arylic and Sonos at the same time?

I’m thinking about putting together a couple speakers using the Arylic plate amp. Is it possible to play audio through an Arylic product and a Sonos product simultaneously, or would I have to choose one or the other? Thanks!

Need more informations, what is the reason for using both technologies ?


I’m not the OP, but I certainly have reason to do so… 6 Sonos Play-1’s (and a newer Sonos One) that I would like to sync with my new Arylic install.

I only have my house partially set up for multiroom audio. I’ve got a couple Sonos devices and I’m wondering if using Aryllic is an all-or-nothing kind of investment, or if it’s possible to work it into what I already have.

Not to de-rail, but I was planning to use the analog preamp output of a sonos device and feed that to the analog input of one (or all) of the arylics, though I am uncertain how much delay this might introduce.