Possible to play through Arylic and Sonos at the same time?

I’m thinking about putting together a couple speakers using the Arylic plate amp. Is it possible to play audio through an Arylic product and a Sonos product simultaneously, or would I have to choose one or the other? Thanks!

Need more informations, what is the reason for using both technologies ?


I’m not the OP, but I certainly have reason to do so… 6 Sonos Play-1’s (and a newer Sonos One) that I would like to sync with my new Arylic install.

I only have my house partially set up for multiroom audio. I’ve got a couple Sonos devices and I’m wondering if using Aryllic is an all-or-nothing kind of investment, or if it’s possible to work it into what I already have.

Not to de-rail, but I was planning to use the analog preamp output of a sonos device and feed that to the analog input of one (or all) of the arylics, though I am uncertain how much delay this might introduce.

Did you try it?
I was thinking to do something similar. I have 2 sonos and want to buy an arylic amp to used with outdoor speakers and listen at the same time whit the sonos. I gues it should work with the alexa app but dont know about the delay it might be between the 2 sonos and de wierd spekaer at the arylic amp.

There will be around 0.5 second delay whilst it converts the analog input to 16/44.1 and streams it to other Arylic devices.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the response, C3pored!
Just to be clear, does this mean that the Arylic and Sonos systems will each play out-of sync with each other by 0.5s, or that the entire system will play in sync, but will take 0.5s to start playing?

The Arylic will be out of sync by approx 0.5 seconds with the Sonus

I have my 5 Zone monstrosity deployed, and I THINK the 0.5 sec delay can mitigated by

  1. using the WiiM unit (uses Airplay 2)
  2. Grouping Sonos speakers so at least one of them has Airplay 2 functionality
  3. Airplay 2 to both the WiiM and Sonos
  4. Adjust delay in the WiiM

Will report back with whatever works