Poor WiFi reception

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I have 2 up2steam 2.1 amps, both set up in the same position 5m from my WiFi router, 1 amp has 100% WiFi strength and the other has 10%?

Boom box 1 amp is installed in a box with WiFi aerial fitted, boom box 2 is sat on my bench with aerial also fitted, the signal is so weak it cuts out when I walk between the direct line of sight between the amp and my router.

Anything I can do to test further or improve WiFi reception?

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Seems weird that the two units being in the same location and not that far from the router, is this a new problem to this unit, has it worked okay previously or is it a new build?

I have had the same with Mini’s. Both in the same room, only two meters away from each other.
In my case, the one with the poor reception was in a part of the room with poor coverage and WiFi reception.

I would advise to change positions of your 2.1 Amps. And then check the WiFi strength again on both. If the same Amp remains having the poor signal, something could be wrong with the Amp. If the good one, changed into the position of the bad one gets a low WiFi strength, then it is probably the spot having poor coverage and WiFi reception.

Both Amps have a direct line of sight to my router, moving them makes no difference.
The second unit was purchased via eBay but sat unused for several months as the amp bricked itself updating its firmware when it first connected to 4STREAM.

I went back and forth with customer support but shelved it/gave up.

I eventually Manged to get the unit to factory reset itself last week so this is the first time I’ve actually been able to play with it, and the problem is consistent.

The unit is used, and was part of a multi room set up (it’s called kitchen C42D from the previous owner)

Now I’m starting to wonder why anyone would sell 1 amp from their multi room set up, unless it’s also been defective during their ownership…

Damn you eBay!

Hi Ben,
I think that your last assumption is correct, probably a defective Linkplay board.
Just as a matter of interest, have you tried using it with an Ethernet cable? It might narrow down the problem being wifi only.

Morning Steve,

Ethernet works perfectly, I suspect the firmware update bricked the amp due not being able to complete the update over WiFi.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even try plugging in the Ethernet before I shelved the amp last year, which is annoying as I would have spotted the defect sooner and resolved with the seller.

Looks like this amp is destined to be hardwired :-1:

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Maybe its worth to try to do a Firmware refresh. And afterwards check if the WiFi works fine.

By the way, are you able to stream via Bluetooth?

I suspect the antenna, the FPC antenna is very fragile and easy to be damaged, could check if it’s still fine first. And then maybe check the connector, and coaxial cable.