Playing line-in input in another room

Hi there, is it possible to play line-in input on another device? For example I have two A30s and two set of speakers. Would it be possible to play line-in input from A30 number 1 on speakers number 2 only and vice versa? So basically I need to be able to play input from first room only in the second room. Thanks.

The only way of doing it is by linking devices , I often do this but don’t have them all feeding an amp. So I can send my turntable input to another room where my Arylic device is connected to my headphone amp, I just don’t switch on the turntable amp in the first room.
If your devices are the a30 amps and don’t have physical controls (in the Up2Stream app the electronic volumes are linked for shared devices) then both devices will output the same music.

I have 3 Arylic devices, one is purely for turntable, I introduced a phono switch that lets me feed amp directly or feed Arylic input.
That Arylic isn’t physically connected to anything else, so its only function is to put my streamed turntable onto my Arylic network to be picked up by any or all Arylic devices.

If you don’t have seperate volume control then your solution would be to buy one of the low-cost Arylic diy boards to act as a seperate streaming feed or introduce a speaker switch on your Arylic a30 outputs.
The speaker switch is probably your cheapest option

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