Play from USB, file system, capacity

Hello there,

I got this A50+ and I love it, except a couple of things. I’ll only discuss here about usb issues and concerns here for the sake of clear topic.

I have tried 3 USB flash drive tow of them Samsung and one was Sandisk, there were all usb 3.0 and mostly 64gb plus. I am not sure why they did not work, I need some clarification here.

  1. what is the files system needed for usb music play, need all possible or confirm types.
  2. what is the max capacity in terms of gb/tb
  3. I see in instructions manual it says max 1000 files, if that’s true then we need to put a feature request to increase the limit because I am planning to connect HDD and you know how much files could it handle.
  4. is the limit for max 1000 files on root or it could handle folders on root and then each folder could have up to 1000 files or subfolder and so forth.
  5. the speed of displaying files on iOS app for usb is very slow, it’s flimsy, it would flicker (I mean it would appear and disappear quickly for some time when initial loading), when you goto root of usb files it takes a lots of time to list them in app. Need to improve files listing process.
  6. search songs by title, album, artist on root folder or wherever you are on usb file system, it’s most needed. Also search can be applied to any loaded list be it’s a ration station list, songs in local phone device, or network location.
  7. sorting does not exist in any of the list, in all place it’s not available, nice to have.

its a 1000 song limit, says it in the specs, but it would be helpful to know the USB GB Size limit.

i couldn’t get a USB 125GB to work but the 16,8,4 all worked ok.

I’ll try few more capacity usb 3.x, they are all backward compatible with 2.0, not sure why they would not work.

Also usb file max capacity it limited then surely it wouldn’t take usb HDD like SDD or similar.

Can someone from Arylic confirm and clear these confusion for us? Would appreciate if those issues also could be resolved in future releases…

a 1000 song limits means that it a 8GB USB should be plenty.

An HDD and SD would also probably draw to much current so its probably one reason they put the limit on (as is processing power of the onboard microcontroller).

when you balance the units price against the competition you will see that the price is very much higher with the competition, so Arylic can be forgiven for having certain limitations to produce a flexible system at low cost.

if you have a NAS or your music files on your PC, the Up2stream units can access them via wifi/ethernet if they are UPNP/DNLA authorised for sharing

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I guess my main concern was to know if we could get improve firmware to support new feature and fix as much as possible.

I know I could use different things as you mentioned, but that’s not the point and title of the discussion here.

I don’t have Up2stream and I would not turn on my PC all the time just to listen music all the time. So USB playback was one of the main reason I chose this player.

Again, I am expecting real facts about USB and answers from manufacturer, not your ideas on how to use other features.

No need to be impolite especially when all the information you need to make a buy/not buy are clearly laid out in the specifications.

So it it is with great delight I tell you to go off and spend 10x as much money and buy a BlueSound Node as it will fulfil your USB Plug in Hard Disk requirements.

Why you are getting offended and keep bugging me with suggesting buying equipment. Get the F>>> Off if you don’t understand what I am trying to express. All on all, this space and forum is for letting people know and help so that everyone get good experience. Now don’t be sticky… :grin:

I was helping you; i told you about the Song Limit, I told you about Large USB drives not working and that small USB’s capable of dealing with the song limit would work. I told you about my experiments with different size USB sticks.

I too am disappointed that someone from Arylic hasn’t jumped in here with a fuller technical explanation on the Limits of the USB facility.

You are also suggesting that the unit is faulty by not handling large USB Drives or SSD’s.
The Microcontroller (the Airlink board) is the limiting factor here and so the Unit is working within its design intent as clearly stated in the specification’s.

These Arylic, Up2stream boards have a very High Bang for Buck Ratio, it was never intended to do what you desire. A software modification isn’t going to do what you want but you can still obtain your music from USB type storage by using one of the 1TB or 2TB Mini NAS/Cloud Storage at relatively low cost ( and still much cheaper than a Bluesound). There are few options on amazon and give you the opportunity of linking several Acrylic units to the same musical source giving you Multi-room Music.

What sets apart the Arylic products is their ability to form a complex musical infrastructure at a very reasonable price. There are a few foibles which can be fixed by software (Sleep mode; easy reawaken being one) and hopefully that will come with time. If we want an Arylic with Large Capacity USB and Full HD 24/196 or MQA then that will require a different Airlink board with higher processing power and that doesn’t it exist at the moment nor will it be cheap when it does (MQA requires a pricey Licence fee for its technology to be used).

So enjoy the use of your A50+, don’t be disappointed it doesn’t do what it was never designed to do but there are solutions and its not a software patch.

Best Wishes

Wow this forum is usually less antagonistic :slight_smile: I can see where you are both coming from and I am pretty sure that your mutual disagreement is nothing more than misunderstanding how we express ourselves in written word.

Plug in a usb drive yes I would expect more than 1000 songs accesible. However it’s not quite as straightforward as it seems.

I have a large digital music collection and this needs a Music Sever to index the files. The processing power on the Arylic devices needs to be used for other tasks. I use Synology NAS drives but music server is probably about 5% what I use it for,

We rent a villa in Spain and I made a low cost solution for guests to bring their music collection on any USB drive. It was simply a Raspberry Pi running Plex Media Server. It would cost maybe Max €50 and will serve music to anyone on the LAN or wLAN.

It’s important that we are polite and respectful on this forum as this is our platform for discussion. The ultimate quality of this forum is the content that we post and how we express ourselves.

Kind Regards Kevin

Thanks Kevin,
I forgot about the Raspberry Pi option; using Jellyfin is alternative to Plex on the Pi is also an option ( I had problems getting Plex to work subscription free so opted for Jellyfin).
I am amazed about the versality of these Arylic devices, i’m currently awaiting delivery of a Up2Stream Mini V3 as i have a couple of Pi Zero Dac hats going unused and plan to tap into the I2S to get an Improved Dac (admittedly still 16/44.1 but improved SNR). Having said that i’ve got the S10 feeding my Valve Amp to my Sundara’s and the sound is great.

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@C3pored sounds like you have many things, ideas and solutions going on :+1: Good luck with them all :slight_smile:

This was done about 3 years ago (pre Arylic-Linkplay for me). Out on site this month so will check if it still works :pray:. We have to deal with the minefield of what’s free and what isn’t, what appears to be free and what isn’t :slight_smile:

It should be accessible from 4STREAM app, → browse → My Music → Home Music Share

Will test and report back :slight_smile:

Always worth looking at the simplistic point of view:-


Arylic provide Hardware that is the Sink(Renderer)

Control Point can be many things including 4Stream APP or others. For example I fitted an UPSTREAM2 Amp for a client last week and all they will use is a iPad, Napster and Amp connected by Airplay. They will never have a requirement to use the 4STREAM App.

Source Server can be Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, Internet Radio, USB Disk, etc. etc.

I think the 4STREAMAPP is OK but what I want personally from Arylic is to provide me with is a good sound and with the connectivity and functionality that I require. I am thinking they really have an intelligent niche and will concentrate on providing good sound and functionality.

The “Source” world is dictated by our listening habits and individual preferences for media. Physical, Streaming Services etc. etc. The range of products will appeal to a wide audience.

I guess ultimately what I want Arylic (or Others) to provide me with is (in order of priority)

  1. Good sounding “Music Rendering” Kit at a reasonable price
  2. Integrates with my existing stuff (speakers, amps, preamps, CD, TV etc. etc.)
  3. Good Functionality (e.g Multiroom Synchronised Music)
  4. Nothing else

All the users on the forum will have a different 1,2,3,4 but the the approach of these Arylic/Linkplay Products suit my needs perfectly.

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I Installed Minidnla on a Raspberry Pi (with USB drive set to Automount to specific location and be picked up by the DNLA service).

i can confirm that your suggestion works; i was able to access the USB’ music files on the 4stream app and play them through the S10 so it will work for any of the Up2stream boards. The Images were all displayed too

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Nice one Craig, minidlna much simpler than Plex :slight_smile: Can’t remember why it ended up with Plex but the minidlna route is much neater. :+1:

sorry I’m late on response. Here’s a place for people with same interests, no need to offend anyone although we don’t know or meet each other. Take it easy and it’s not that bad.
OK, lets focus on technical. The wifi module used a router chip (MT7688 actually) to do the work, not very powerful but just do the work. So the SDK is not focused on USB support, and the based openwrt also not very up-to-date.
And also the storage space on module (a NOR flash actually) is very limited, it even have not enough space to support the HD music services.
Actually the wifi module is designed to work as a streaming device. So the local playback is a just-worknig function. And as you’ve experienced, not good at all. We also know that, but thinking of the limited resource and power, and the efforts to improve the music managements, we don’t want to do this. And more like to design a new platform and maybe integrate with MPD which is good enough for managing local musics.

I just built a cheap solution using a Pi Zero W, using MINIDNLA software and attaching USB sticks and an SSD to the mini usb port of the PI gave a very low cost DNLA server which the Up2Stream mini V3 and the S10 had no issues accessing or streaming from, (used a powered USB hub to reduce current load on Pi)

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nice job, that’s what makers do. :+1: