Plate Amp Web Interface Issues

I have a new Plate Amp with updated firmware and the latest 4stream app from the Apple App Store. So far things are working as expected but I wanted to try the web interface. I browsed my home network to get the IP address of the unit and connected. The web interface on my Chrome browser never stops trying to load. So I can’t try the web interface. I read where a factory reset might resolve the problem. I cannot do a factory reset because my app does not support it. It’s not there when I look at the settings. I don’t know if there’s another way of resetting, but there’s no button on the back of the Plate Amp to do so. I’d appreciate any help that would let me try out the web interface to the Plate Amp.

I just figured out how to reset the device. You need to select the device itself. I was trying at the App level.
Now to see if this reset works.

The rest worked and I can use the web interface. It’s not a user frIendly or that useful. I was hoping for better.

Hi Stephen, please share your thoughts here and we could see if it’s possible to improve. :grinning:

Some things that don’t work on the web interface.
Equalization preset list doesn’t scroll so you cant get to all the presets;
Cannot figure if there’s a way to play music from my NAS ( no browsing);
Volume control slider is very small;
After tweaking the tone controls and turn on Deep Bass, they stopped responding. Had to close the web page and reopen it. Sure enough, DB was on but I had tried to turn it off before I closed the web page.
Radio works
Tone controls work (sort of, see comment above).

(browser on iPad)