Plate amp 2.1 and stereo speakers

Is there any way to use two plate amps 2.1 for stereo speaker? Like add delay for one board to compensate the difference?

If you want to connect these 2 wirelessly with the multiroom feature. Then it is not possible to compensate the difference. The delay is dynamic and unpredictable.

I’m interested in toslink the most. Is delay constant?

The input source and the method of interconnect is immaterial, the wifi connection between the plate amps is where the latency occurs.

Ok so for now I have to return amps and wait for firmware update.

I’m now checking TOSLINK input delay, varies 1-9ms and sometime L is first sometime R:

Measured in ARTA by using FR2/crosscorelation is 2-4ms but usually less.

When wifi isn’t configured then amp boards delay is 1-2msec, when is configured then 20msec. This is measured acoustically with mic and equal distance from speakers.