planning a multiroom system dyi - some questions


I’m planning to set up a multiroom installation with the following components and I have some questions.

1st room (living room):

  • planned a Up2Stream Pro V3 with DAC Board
  • connected to an active soundsystem analog via DAC

2nd room (office room):

  • planned a Up2Stream Pro V3 with “SPDIF in” extension AND “SPDIF out” extension
  • SPDIF comes from PC
  • SPDIF goes to an active soundsystem

3rd and 4th room:

  • Up2Stream Mini V3
  • connected to an active speaker

My questions:

  1. Is it possible to use “SPDIF in” extension AND “SPDIF out” extension Up2Stream Pro V3 in the same time?
  2. Is there an quality impact of Up2Stream Pro V3 with DAC of SPDIF out in comparison with Up2Stream HD DAC? I found 44,1khz/16bits in the comparison table for Up2Stream Pro V3. Is this audio format with DAC of “SPDIF out” as well?
  3. Question to experienced users: Do you have some additional tipps and infos? :wink:

Thanks for help.


Hi Petzi,

Question 1, you are only able to have one SPDIF board attached, I would suggest that you use USB for the computer connection.

Question 2, the sound quality from the HD unit would be superior as a better quality Linkplay module and higher spec DAC chip is employed.

Question 3, from my experience and in my opinion the Pro v3 boards with a DAC attached are more than adequate for multi room listening, obviously they are not designed for critical listening, but perfectly acceptable.