Pin for 220v relay on arylic V3 pro

Here is what I would like to do:

I own the the up2stream V3 pro and I am currently working on building it inside of an older
Homestereo amp. The old amp doesn’t not have a remote.

I would like to use a signal (5volts) from the up2stream to pull a relay (220v) that than gives power to the amplifier.

So the up2stream would on standby all the time. But when I turn on the up to stream I would also like it to turn on the amplifier via the relay.

Any suggestions on which pin on the V3 pro Board would be good for that? Best greetings to all DIY home enthusiasts.

Hi If I’m right you could use the 3.3v on the Ph2-4pin connector (number 4 in the manual named GPIO) next to the 7 pins connector (numbe 3 in the manual named IIS-out,SPDIF-out) as per attached picture. The ground beeing the first pin and the switched 3.3V the second. (not sure of the numbering order, I didn’t want to remove my board from the chassis where it is wired on. So no access to the solder side to check). Anyway it’s the red dot on the picture (via wetransfer I couldn’t upload it directly here).

If I were you I would Isolate the command electronics of the relay from the Amp v3 board with a photocoupler to make sure there is not unwanted leak or interference.
Hope this helps


Hello, yes this really helps and gives me a start where to look on the bord and how to measure. While 3.3v is not ideal it could be enough to pull the relay.

Maybe a future arylic board has a 5v switched pin on board. It would be a great feature:)

I would advice not to directly use the switched 3.3 supplied to drive the relay as it may pull to much current. If you need some more help I can provide you with a schematics based on a couple of common components to securely drive the relay.



Thank you for the warning. I would indeed be interested in better solutions.