Phono Board for Up2Stream Amp 2.0 v4


today i discovered a 4 Pin connector on my amp v4 2.0 which is named “phono in”. Since my pre-amp died some days ago, i have the question whether the amp v4 has a pre amplifier on board and where to get an rca 4pin connector? Every connector i found in the internet had only 2 pins.

I attached an image to show what i mean:


The user manual description is as follows:

  1. PH2.0-4P: R_IN, GND, GND, L_IN: Analog input to Up2Stream Amp V4 board, it has the same signal as the 3.5mm Line IN jack

So it doubles as the same input jack, if you want to use it you would require a JST PH2.0 four pin plug, they are available online.

Thanks for the hint!
But if it‘s the same as the 3.5mm jack, does it mean that it is not pre-amplified and i still need an external pre amplifier?

Into the 3.5mm jack input socket you can typically input a CD player or something like a tuner without any other preampfification.
A turntable would require a RIAA equalised pre-amp.

This is actually a reserved ADC for PHONO-IN, and currently has no function…