Perpetual but random "ticking" noise from B50

I am hearing a ticking noise after using my B50 for a few months. It doesn’t matter what input on the TV I’m using. I thought it was interference from my antenna, so I unplugged the power supply from it. I am still hearing this “ticking” noise. It happens every few seconds when there is audio coming from the speakers. It did not start doing this until a few weeks ago. It is getting to be quite annoying, and I’m not sure if the B50 is already failing or if something else is going on. It will get louder or softer based on the audio volume, but it does not matter if I’m airplaying, playing video games, or using another app on the TV, the ticking is the same for all. The issue does not seem to occur when using bluetooth, so it seems to be doing it only for ARC connection as far as I know.