Patio Rock Speaker DIY Setup with UP2STREAM

I was so excited with the UP@STREAM product and so impressed I had a idea one day. Could I use one of these to setup some speakers around my patio and not have to deal with Bluetooth speakers any more. Honestly this was not too difficult, it just took me some time to get it all installed clean and where I wanted. it. I ended up with a UP2STREAM AMP mounted inside an outdoor equipment enclosure using a 3D printed mount to secure it. I then used some direct bury audio cable to wire out to the a pair of $59 Rock speakers. I sounds awesome and I achieved my main goal. I wanted to be able to walk out onto the patio and quickly play some music with ease but not pay $1000’s. Love this setup.

I also added the better antennas and they just hang out the bottom. I get real good Wifi with this setup.

Check it out!


I have a similar garden system with a car amplifier. This looks like a perfect upgrade :slight_smile:

Your idea gives me inspiration and motivation to put speakers in my garden. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I wanted to add some more info on this setup but could not figure out how to edit the post for some reason so I will do it here.

This project was an all around win-win for me. I had purchased the OSD 5.23" Outdoor Rock speakers to be installed by my patio installer. Well 3 landscape companies later I just decided to bail on the speakers. Then I found Arylic. I was like, I wonder if the UP2STREAM can power the rock speakers. Sure enough it did and did it well. I also had purchased a ton of direct bury audio cable so all I needed was a way to mount the AMP so keep it safe from weather.

I went with the 9X6X3 Extreme Broadband Heavy Duty Weatherproof Multi Purpose Enclosure IPE963-LTC for like $20. Mounted it on the side of my house and then ran the cable around to the two rock speakers.

I ordered the upgraded antennas from Arylic and they have worked really well. I get great Wifi where it is and this has been mounted outside now for over a year with Zero issues. I mean these UP2STREAM boards just work. They give me no issues at all. I love it. I walk outside, open up the app and i have music. The addition of Prime Music really was the cherry on top. Only thing I wish I could do is use Apple Music but other than that I am really happy with it.

Before I decided to do this I was looking at spending a ton of money on some outdoor speaker system. Honeslty when people come over they can’t believe how good it sounds. I have been asked several times to build out a system for folks. But ya know, its fun when its for you but when ya make it like work then its not so much fun. At least for me.

The 3d mount I used is simply the bottom of the 3D printed case I designed for the UP2STREAM. (Needs updating)

I am now pondering getting a sub or maybe adding two more speakers out there.

I also am working on a Home Assistant Integration which is really the last missing part for me.

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@drock_in_nc . What do you want to with the Home Assistant Integration ? e.g. Voice Control etc.