Outdoor speakers, the easy way

I had an exciting project in mind: installing a pair of speakers at my front porch and being able to wirelessly stream music from my iPhone using the amazing AirPlay technology (and also have other transmission options for non-Apple guests). However, I ran into a bit of a challenge because the distance between the available location for the amp and the porch made the Bluetooth option unfeasible. Also, I wanted to avoid complications with additional applications. After researching and exploring various alternatives, I realized that the Sonos solution was too expensive, with a price tag of over $1,000. Similarly, AirPlay-enabled amps from well-known brands like Onkyo, Yamaha, and Denon were also overpriced for the simple purpose of connecting a pair of moderately powered outdoor speakers.

However, my search came to an end when I found the perfect solution in the Arylic A50+. This amp allowed me to remotely stream and control music over a WiFi connection, and best of all, it integrated seamlessly with AirPlay technology. With this solution in mind, I decided to purchase the Yamaha ns-aw392 speakers, taking profit of a rebate I found online, which fit my specific needs. However, I needed an amplifier for passive wired speakers that would meet my requirements.

The configuration of the Arylic A50+ turned out to be extremely simple and fast thanks to the free application 4Stream, which allowed a connection via WiFi. Thanks to its integration with AirPlay, I now had the ability to stream any audio content I was playing on my iPhone directly to the A50+, without the need for cables or complications. This feature was exactly what I needed to bring music to my front porch in a convenient and unrestricted way.

But that was not all. I found that the 4Stream app and web interface, accessible from my PC’s browser, offered a wide range of options for playing music. I could easily stream content from popular apps like Amazon Music, Spotify, and TuneIn, as well as select specific albums, artists, or songs. I even had the ability to adjust the volume to my preference and choose which speakers I wanted the sound to play on, or just leave it at the default setting. Once these selections were made, you could completely close the 4Stream application or browser tab. This feature was especially useful when I wanted to enjoy music for long periods of time without having to worry about draining my phone’s battery.

Despite the fact that the Arylic A50+ came with a remote control, I decided not to use it in my particular case. I opted to leave the amp on constantly (since its standby consumption was minimal at about 2.5W). When I wanted to play music, I would simply use the AirPlay feature on my iPhone to send it to the A50+, or sometimes I would use the 4Stream app to stream music without having to manually turn on the Arylic A50+. And when I got tired of listening to music, I would just hit the pause button on my iPhone, no fuss :slight_smile:

In short, my project to install speakers on my porch became a reality thanks to the Arylic A50+. Its easy setup, seamless AirPlay integration, and wide variety of music playback options offered by the 4Stream app far exceeded my expectations. In addition, the amp’s energy efficiency and compact design were additional advantages that made it the perfect choice for my project. I am extremely satisfied with the results achieved and would not hesitate to recommend the Arylic A50+ to anyone looking for a quality, easy-to-use and affordable audio solution for enjoying music outdoors. It has been a truly rewarding experience!

This is the Arylic A50+ i’ve used on my project: A50+ : Best 50W*2 Streaming Amplifier Under $200 - Arylic.

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