Optical Input missing in 4Stream App

Thanks for the informative forum! My first post and also a direct question :blush:

Using the very good instructions (Trouble adding SPDIF IN add-on Board - #20 by Schacoustics), I configured the external Arylic SPDIF board as an input for Up2StreamPro.

The SPDIF Optical input can ONLY be selected with the remote control. The “Optical” entry is missing in the 4Stream app

What else do I have to set so that the “Optical In” entry is displayed in the 4Stream app?

You need to apply a ‘factory reset’ on app to update the new inputs.

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Thanks! This is the right solution

After the reset, the WiFi connection was lost.
So I wanted to reconnect the 4Stream app to the device. Despite resetting the 4Stream app (cache & data deleted), setting up the WiFi connection failed. It looks like there is a problem with the WiFi password.
I have entered the WiFi password manually and by copy & paste in the 4Stream app. Each time the router log says “WiFi device login failed (2.4 GHz): invalid WiFi key. MAC-Adresse: 00:22:6C:66:6C:32”
This is very mysterious because the device has already been connected to this WiFi