One Zone, 4 speakers

I have purchased the Bluetooth Amplifier with Wifi Up2stream Amp V4.

At present, I have 4 8Ohm/100 Amp Polk VT60 speakers in the ceiling of my living room. My listening habits almost never call for playing music at high volume. I am wondering whether a single board should be able to handle 4 speakers (stereo mode, 2 speakers on each channel). I know very little about audio/ohms/impedance, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PS, I know that I could purchase 2 amps and then pair them in the App to get the same result, but am hoping it isn’t necessary.

The impedance of the speakers varies depending on the connection method: if you connects it in parallel, it halves (2 / 8ohm = 4ohm), and if you connect in series, it doubles (2x8ohm = 16ohm).

If I understand this correctly, then the smart thing to do would be to connect them in parallel and see how they sound. I am in the planning stages, so it will be some time, but I’ll post my results. Thanks

This can be a good solution as the output stage of the device can drive 4ohm impedance passive loads, but if you want to drive them at a high volume permanently, you may want to connect an 8ohm load (and a passive speaker selector switch) to the output, because the output IC cooling is seems undersized a bit…

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