Old version S10: how to reset to Factory settings without opening the case?

I have still one Arylic S10, without the reset button on the outside (an early version).
It has been used on another WiFi network then mine, without first resetting it. So I have no way of accessing it with the 4Stream App to reset to factory settings.

Is there any way to reset the S10 to factory settings, without opening the case and pressing the reset button on the PCB?

  • Maybe a secret key combination on the remote control?
  • Maybe via the Bluetooth connection? (I can connect via Bluetooth)
  • Maybe via the USB port?

try connecting by ethernet cable and use an IP search tool to find devices on your network (Fing app for iphone). You then should be able to access the webpage and do a reset to factory settings from there.

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Thanks a lot Craig!

This was a real good suggestion, to hook the S10 physically to my network.
I used Fing to find the device, which worked.
But when I (just by coincedence) opened my Device list in the 4Stream APP, it showed the S10.

So, now knowing this, there are two easy ways to factory reset the old S10 (without reset button):

  1. Look it up wuth Fing and use the IP-address to access is via the web browser and reset it from there.
  2. Open 4Stream App and the Device list, factory reset from there.


Once I met the instructions for the old S10.
It said that the Reset button is located in the audio output connector.


That’s very interesting to hear!

Do you remember how to activate the reset via the Audio-OUT connector?
Shorting Left/Right with GND or something?

I think there’s a through hole leading to the button.

See audio-in.

Thnx @Dmitry !

You are right. There is a reset button behind one of the mini-jack connectors.
But it is behind the AUX-IN (not the AUX-OUT).

Although I only have one older S10, it’s good to know this is the easy trick for factory resetting.