Noob help

Like the title says I’m a noob and need help. I recently purchased an Arylic A50+ for music listening only, no home theater stuff. I’m wanting to hook up a sub to round out some low end for my main speakers. The sub out on the back of the unit is a single RCA jack. When hooking up the sub, do I use a single RCA cable to the LFE input on my sub or a “Y” splitter to the inputs? I’m confused…
My main speakers are Q Acoustics 3030i, if that makes any difference.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Alamo1836 ,

The A50 + Sub-Out RCA is a low frequency output that you can easily connect to the LFE’s (Low Frequency Effects) input with a single plug RCA cable! If the subwoofer does not have such a dedicated LFE input, the RCA output of the A50 + stereo must be connected to the stereo IN of the subwoofer. An Y-cable is required if the source does not have an LFE output and the conventional stereo OUT signal is output to the subwoofer, in which case the subwoofer must be set to the crossover frequency (usually around 100Hz).

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