No wifi after latest firmware update

After firmware update to 4.2.9326.7 my A50 does not connect to Wifi anymore. Firmware reset does nit show connect to wifi dialogue during setup anymore. When checking under device info, wifi status is empty. It shows an ip
Its own a50 wifi is broadcasting and i can connect to the device. It just does not prompt to login to my local wifi for internet connection. Help!

In the right up pane of 4stream app, click (+) cymbol to add as new device…

Well, that doesnt work. I connected directly to the device own broadcasted wifi. It already shows up in that list of devices you sent me. I clicked on the plus to add a new device. Searching dialogue keeps running forever.

When you connected to the device own WiFi and open app, you’ll find the device and the click the + mark to add device, it will search device via BLE, and then wait for a while, it would then show an alternative way to connect via WiFi, click it and should show up the page to connect to your router.
I know it’s stupid, and will improve next time. For now you can connect it to your router first.