No Sound or Volume is too Low

If you meet the issue with no sound or the volume is too low, you can follow the instructions below

  1. Check the wiring of your speaker. If the wiring cause short circuit which will lead no sound.
  2. Is your speaker or amplifier perform well? Switch other speakers or amplifiers to test.
  3. When playing under Bluetooth mode, you need to adjust the volume both in App and your phone. (A50-old, S50 Pro Series)

You can follow the instruction above to test first. If the issue still exist, please write your test consult to and attach some related info:

-Your order number(If you are not buy from our official store, please offer the screenshot of your order. Who buy from the reseller or distributor please apply the replacement from your seller.)

-Device info
Input http://(replace your device ip)/httpapi.asp?command=getStatusEx to your browser.
Please replace (replace your device ip) as your product device IP. You can find your device IP in device settings>device info<device IP
Then copy the info on the browser to us.

-Your app version
-If available, please send a video(with cloud link) about the noise sound to us.

Last Updated: Oct. 20.2021

Today I ran into the issue that after turning on my S50 Pro+, no sound was produced. S50 Pro+ is connect to a combined headphone/speaker amp but no sound through either outputs. I did hear a very low signal when turning up the volume of my amp almost to max. Check for correct input and sound levels in the 4Stream but everything was set at normal levels. Power off/on through the remote didn’t fix it. I then unplugged the power-supply, so really powering off the unit, turned it back on and voila, normal playback. Mmm, software issue with output signal somehow muted?