No connection to DLNA server

My 4Stream APP does not connect to my DLNA server residing in the same network. It is a miniDLNA server running on linux … currently connected to port 8200. Other devices like my steaming box have no problems to connect to the DLNA server. Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. Cheers Chris

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Hello Chris!

I will check in my project the use of DLNA specifically. I use a Dlink storage, where I store my MP3, Movies, photos, etc. And this storage has DLNA function, which I used with my smartv devices. And it’s also on the same network as the A50, but it’s wired (storage).
In my scenario I still haven’t tried to make direct use of the A50 for Storage via DLNA. And seeing better the 4Stream APP, it really doesn’t have DLNA option, when going in “browse”.
I have a wall amplifier that plays this intermediary role and plays the sound via bluetooth to be amplified in the A50.
I need to study the case. News, I’ll talk to you again