New Wireless Amplifier Works With Alexa?!

Hi this is Luna from Arylic.
Finally! The H50 wireless amplifier with Alexa!
SoundCloud & Works with Alexa& Tidal Connect

H50 is coming soon…. :laughing:
Would you like to try? :heart_eyes:


Looks smart, is there a preamp version in the pipeline as well.

Yes Luna, I would like to try. Have you got any free samples? :grinning:

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Hi @Griff, Currently, we have the Up2stream HD DAC DIY version.
And for the finished product, we already planned on our schedule :grin:

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I also like the fact that on your new amp you have a usb dac input

Put me in coach…I’m ready to play.
I would Love to try it out!

Hi, Of course, I would also love to try it.
Is there a french reseller available to test it or can you send a free sample ?
Maybe you could make an unboxing video on youtube.

Great with the Alexa feature!

Hoping as well for a DIY Kit :smiley: