New user needs assistance

I have just setup my first diy unit, it’s connected and running and I can successfully use Spotify and radio stations.
I want to connect with my iTunes on my PC, but cannot find it in the menu, all I can see is my router name? The pc and Arylic board are on the same network (the PC is on Ethernet cable) and iTunes is set for sharing.
What am I doing wrong?
I have some music on my iPad, but this won’t play either as I get a message about iCloud storage issue?
Any ideas or assistance appreciated

Hi @Steve1 Steve,

Welcome to the Forum. There are many helpful enthusiasts here to help along with the Arylic Team.

Assuming your PC is Windows, have a look at this post and try the UPnP Analyser.

This will at least establish if it is a Network Issue.

After this has been established then I will think of something to check iTunes on PC (this is maybe/probably using Airplay Service).

Regards, Kevin

Hi Kevin,
Firstly, thanks for your assistance. I downloaded the app as suggested and ran it, the unit shows up on the screen [Dining Room (MediaRenderer)], but it has like a blue pause symbol to the left? Any suggestions why this might be?

Cheers, Steve


Can you post a screenshot ?

Regards, Kevin

Hi Kevin,
I finally had a chance to have another look at this, as you can see from the iPad shot, it shows the Home Music Share as being ‘Archer_VR1600v’ which is our TP Link modem. This appears to be blocking the PC which has the music?
Both the Archer media server and the Arylic Media Renderer show up in the search on the pc which has the music.

Hi Kevin,
I also pinged successfully from the computer that has the music, does this help?

Hi Steve,
The key here is the iTunes Music Server is not displayed in the Home Music Share.

OK from here I would say there are 3 options.

  1. I can create and test an iTunes Music Server on my PC. Is it Windows PC ? So iTunes for Windows ?

  2. Create a Music Server with Windows Media Player.

  3. Create a Music Server with Foobar. There are quite a few posts about this Software and it is recommended by Arylic.

For stress free future compatibility I would suggest moving away from iTunes; however I a still prepared to have a look at it if you really want to keep using it (e.g. Play Purchased Tracks).

Hope this helps,


Hi Kevin,
So I installed Foobar 2000 on the pc and loaded some music but the app still only shows Archer VR1600? Is the router blocking the connection?
I’ve updated the firmware on the board and can log into it from the pc so I don’t think that there is a connection issue
Any ideas?

Follow up,

After rebooting my pc and modem/router I have connection to my music -awesome, thanks for all of your help


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That’s good news :slight_smile:

Just out of interest does the iTunes Server show up now ?

Do you like the Foobar User Interface ? I think it is very good for Free Software :thinking:

Regards, Kevin

Hi Kevin,
Yes, all of the music in the iTunes Media folder now appear to be there.
Agree, excellent free software!

Thanks again for your assistance :+1:

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