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I have what I believe is a very simple project that I can achieve with Arylic DYI products but need some help. I have a very simple outdoor pool setup that will have 4 speakers that I want divided into 2 zones/rooms. I want to play 2 speakers at one time, the other 2 at another time(or a separate audio source then the other 2 at the same time) or all 4 playing at the same time with a single audio source. The 4 speakers are outdoor speakers that aren’t powered so I would need an amp to drive them but can’t figure out what configuration I should create. Can anyone suggest the best option?

Thank you!

Two amplifiers, one for each pair of speakers, that way you can play two different sources at the same time or group them and share one source.
I presume that the speakers are outdoor/weatherproof? Have you given consideration to an undercover/moisture proof location for the amplifiers?
For something ready built, maybe a pair of A50+’s.

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This is my setup with acrylic and a 8 channel amp. Check out audio source amp800vs. There are other multi zone amps but this one seemed best quality and flexibility to do anything.