New Preset EQ Settings

Has anyone figured out how to access the new preset eq settings? I am not seeing them in the 4StreamApp or the IP address of the device’s web page. In the Audio Settings area I see that there is an Equalizer heading, but it isn’t clickable or doesn’t seem to be.

Any help is appreciated.

Could we get explanation from the Arylic team?
It is indeed mentioned in the release note for 4.6.41545.35 : Add preset EQ, Flat/Classic/Pop/Rock/Jazz/Vocal
I don’t see how it can be selected on the s50 pro+…

On my 4STREAM App on iPhone I don’t have this screen by the way.

pogona06, that screenshot is from the web interface. I just cropped down the image. I don’t see any settings in the 4Stream app that deal with the new EQ settings. It seems like a half hearted implementation. I would love to find out why it works on one of my devices, but not any of the other ones.

Any input from Frank or Joy would be much appreciated.



It’s quite frustrating to get no inputs from the Arylic team itself. Is there somebody from the company looking at users struggling??