New portable speaker project

This is not final design

I plan to combine black leather (front) and walnut wood

Playing with the design while waiting for the last parts to arrive.

Plan to use an Arylic 2.1 amp

More info later :slight_smile:

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Did move the tweeters to get better stereo sound

@mundsen if it’s a portable design, it should definitely have a handle, and I especially prefer the ghettoblaster feeling, the huge LED level meter displays… :slight_smile:

I’m going to include a handle, but no big meters… :blush:

@mundsen …but they are very cool… :grin:

My planned setup:

A hybrid setup using filter for high/mid and DSP for the lower section

Arylic 2.1 amp (Bluetooth, WiFi… + DSP) 100W + 2x50W

Mid and Tweeter based on the Overnight Sensation speaker :

  • Dayton Audio ND20FA-6 1.91cm Neodymium Dome Tweeter

  • HiVi M5N (a bit larger than the one in the kit (from an other project))

But Im going to integrate a subwoofer, so Im going to use the DSP in the amp to set it so most of the bass goes to the sub = The HiVi need less volume.

For the sub section I plan to use a passive radiator = need less volume

  • SB Acoustics SB15SFCR-00 5x8 Passive Radiator

  • Peerless by Tymphany SLS-P830945

I have found reviews saying this spekaer/radiator should be a ok combination

Anyone know how to calculate the needed cabinet volume for a passive radiator setup?

Hi Mundsen,
Here are a couple of sites that I use for ideas and box calc’s, they might help.