My Project with up2stream pro V3

I’m new here, and English is not my native language, so I use auto-translation. Sorry in advance for the roughness of the text.

So, I purchased the Up2Stream Pro V3 board. I liked its functionality, many network services, a huge selection of pre-installed Internet radio stations. There is even a link to the station where I work as an engineer. We broadcast on the FM band and on the Internet.

But, as I studied the board and its applications, some points came to light that I would like to fix. In particular, autostart playback of the Internet radio stream when the power is turned on.

At the same time, I have far-reaching plans on the basis of this board to make a music center that can play Internet radio, there will also be an FM radio, two line inputs, and a 30-pin connector for connecting my iPod Classic 6G. I plan to make the same real time clock, alarm clocks, sleep timer, and what else will come to mind as the project develops.

Naturally, all this will be controlled from the Arduino. Selected Mega2560 board. It has 4 hardware UARTs, and three of them will be useful to me. For communicating with the computer while debugging the program, for controlling the iPod and, in fact, for controlling the Up2stream board.

At found documentation for the UART commands for this board. (thanks to Joy from the Arylic support team). The board was connected to the Arduino as follows: the RX input of the board through the diode cathode to the Arduino, and pulled up with a 2.2k resistor to the + 3.3V bus of the up2stream board. The TX output of the board is directly to the RX input of the Arduino. So I went from 5V Arduino levels to 3.3v up2stream levels.

A sketch was written that provides the launch of the 1st preset of the Internet radio when power is applied, as well as the processing and transmission of commands to the up2stream board (volume, switching modes of operation, presets, etc.) received from the IR remote control. In the near future - to connect a display to the Arduino, and display preset numbers, volume level, as well as the name of the track (title) and artist (artist) received from up2stream on it.


How I can upload a small video to this topic? Help me please.
PS. video was written on android phone

@Cheeks I would upload to YouTube or a Video Server Service and then place the link to the Video Server in the post.

This link will be useful to you too in the future. Documentations | It’s work in Progress but this is the intention.

Regards, Kevin

give me URL for Video Server Service please? I dont want to use YouTube

Sorry don’t have any recommendations as I use my own Video Server (NAS).

well, just try to use YouTube

arduino UART
there are Preset swithcing (Presets created by android app) and displaiyng the name of receiving internet radio station. More to come… Stay Tuned! )))

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@Cheeks looking good. well done. Nice project :+1:



Did you find any UART command to launch a specific preset ?


To launch any preset (from1 to 10) You must send command like “PST:n;” , where n - number from 1 to 10.

Perfect! :ok_hand: We can launch any preset !

But, according to the Api info files:
get/set PRESET value”

Does it mean that we can save to any preset ?


this means that by sending the command “PST;” we ask Arylic which preset is on, and by sending, for example “PST: 2;”, we make him turn on the second preset. The presets themselves are programmed in the application on the phone.

After this command we got: ERR:PST;


may be request must look like “PST:;”, I can foget right semantic

I already tried you got: ERR:INVALID;

FYI @DiyAudio @Cheeks

As I have explained in other posts I am collaborating on documenting HTTPAPI, TCP/IP, UPnP/DLNA, UART Command Sets. I have yet to stumble across anything that can link a URL to a PRESET Value however it is possible in the 4STREAM APP, e.g vTuner Source.

I use Home Assistant and there is a LinkPlay integration that appears to do this but I never tried it. Look for Common Sources in the Documentation.

The developer is on this Forum @robi

Hope this helps, Kevin

Hi @Cheeks this is great work.

I would be interested to know if you’ve had any luck getting volume/track information to display on an LCD via an Arduino? I have a mini v3 in a portable audio project I am working on and being able to add a screen that displays track information would really complete it :slight_smile:

when changing the volume through the application on the phone, Arylic displays a message like “VOL: 80;” in the UART. we get it using arduino, parse the received message, and display the desired volume number on the display. The same situation is with the name of the track and artist. Arylic sends a string like “TIT: & track _name &” (for example). Parse it, extract the track name. The artist’s name is obtained in the form “ART: & artist _name &”

all this we will get through UART

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Hi Cheeks, thanks. Do you have an example sketch? My Arduino is not as good as it should be :grimacing:

look PM. this sketch use IR Remote control and dot matrix LED display (shown in my video).