my personal review on A30+ Wireless Mini Multiroom Stereo Amplifier

First and foremost, the amplifier is extremely nicely constructed and much smaller than anticipated. There are no pending parts or aluminum defects. It may be utilized practically everywhere due to its small size, not to mention its numerous purposes.
i will explain the reason why i purchased this device,last year, i moved to a new place and i spent all i had to make my dream room, i installed 4 ceiling speakers but i couldn’t purchase an amplifier at the time, i thought the price of amplifiers or receivers that can power 4 speakers is 400$ minimum, a month ago i decided that it is the time to get an amplifier and i spent 3 days searching for a good one without results, every amplifier or received that i found is messing something, and they were all expensive, until i ran into arylic products, i search a little bit on the internet to understand more about the brand, and i watched a lot of videos, everyone was giving great reviews about the product,i fall in love with the Up2Stream Amp 2.1 - Multiroom Wireless 2.1 Amplifier Board but i decided to get the A30+ Wireless Mini Multiroom Stereo Amplifier since it has everything i needed and more.
The amplifier is well-packaged, with a foam insert tightly enclosing it in the box. The power supply, 2in1 RCA adapter cable, remote control (without batteries), box connection plug (4-pin terminal block), and, of course, an easy-to-understand operation manual are all included. Although USB and LAN cables aren’t supplied, they shouldn’t be a problem. In any case, USB is designed for external storage devices such as USB sticks.
i spent more than 4 hours peaking with an agent from arylic through live chat, and he explained everything related to the products and the audio in general, i asked him if it is possible to connect 4 speakers with the same amplifier and he said that If i want to connect 4 speakers, i should connect them in parallel, so each side will have an impedance of 4ohm.that is to say, i can connect 4 speakers in parallel with the A30, but if i attach 4 speakers, then each side of the impedance is 4ohm, I doubled up two speakers to each output today, and all the speakers worked fine and have great audio.
Both visually and haptically, the amplifier itself makes a nice impact. It’s small and almost totally fits in my hand. Aluminum is used for the housing and the back panel. The front of the device is made of black-transparent plastic. It has a minimalistic and straightforward design that I really appreciate.
I’m actually very pleased with the device; I didn’t know much about it before I bought it, and I’m amazed at what it can accomplish! Performance is adequate, optics are excellent, for such a compact item, the sonic quality is quite excellent. There is no perceptible noise and the sound is well balanced.
this is the link to this product: Mini Stereo Amplifier with Wifi Streaming | Multi-room
it can also work with Alexa and google assistant very well.