My new UPstream2 HD. What now?

The new unit came running 4.6.437434.41 and it offers an update to .43 every time I power it up. The last time I updated a unit like this it bricked it so I have not updated so far.
What have you all done?
What version are you running and did any updates work?
If possible can you please supply the F/W version numbers for before and after.
I look forward to some response, especially from Arylic.

So far I have bought 8 products but the HD seems to be a bit fragile.


Hi Martin,

The board is sent from warehouse directly and so we can’t upgrade it before shipping. Btw, we did many tests in office and did not get this bricking issue, so I think you could give it a try. We currently don’t know what’s going on with your old board. I would check it when I get it on hand.

Hi Frank,

OK, Will update today and report on outcome.


I have now updated it and it still works. I have not turned the power off to try to restart it. Will do that later.
Does it sound better or is that just me? What was the point of this update?
It would be great to hear what the fault is when it is discovered…this is how you make better stuff!
many thanks again Frank.


The major change is to support the OLED display :slight_smile:
Regarding the sound quality, it’s already the best. WIFI module decode the music files and then output via I2S, and then all handled by hardware. And there’re not too much parameters to be tuned in the process.

After a re-power all is well.
Many thanks again.
It would be great if the F/W update notes were kept up to date so that you know what has changed at any update.