My Multiroom Solution

I just took deliver of (4) Up2stream Pro’s. Took less than a week to get here.

I powered the first one up and I am quite pleasantly pleased with the purchase. Powered via micro-usb and connected ethernet via rj45. Powered up and immediately available in the Spotify app on my phone.

Sent my spotify music the the up2stream and it sounds excellent via the WHA considering i am using the 3.5mm.

My system currently is the monoprice 6-zone whole house audio system, so I only needed the up2stream as a source. I don’t need the app, nor the zone syncing which has gotten some less-than-stellar reviews.

I only installed 2 of the 6 monoprice in-wall keypads at the rooms. They are installed at the rack with the monoprice unit. With the volume control from the phones it isn’t really necessary.

I had previously tried the pi3 with volumio. The app is certainly nice, but really not needed. The pi is more expensive, more cumbersome and sounded horrible out of the 3.5mm, necessitating a dac.

Next step will be to rackmount these. I also purchased 1 dac to see if I can notice a difference. Additionally I bought an optical-out board (not yet arrived) to also try out.

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