My first speakers with an Up2stream Amp v3

Hi everyone !

I am new in this forum, and also in diy audio, so sorry in advance if there is a lack of technical informations/measures.

I would like to show you my first speaker build.
I must admit that after beginning to design a cabinet with I found this article and chose to copy this design (for the technical part) since it was made with the full range drivers that I intended to use (the Dayton RS100-4).

My goal was to make small enough speakers with a small amplifier and a DAC to put on my desk and use them on my PC.
Since I didn’t like the design of the front panel with two ports, I changed the design a bit to cover them with fabric in a single slot.

For the amplifier / DAC part, I found the Up2stream Amp v3 from Arylic which turned out to be just perfect for me since it includes a DAC with Wifi, ethernet, bluetooth and usb inputs, plus a mini-jack analog input. It’s sold without a case, so I could do the design of my choice.

I have no measurements of the frequency response, but I can say that it was a big improvement over my Audioengine A2+ (It’s also not exactly the same size) and that I’m now just waiting for an opportunity to get into a new project.

I hope you’ll like it, well, at least the look since I didn’t really design the rest of it :wink:

Some “not so nice” picture while it was made :

And some better photos made once it was finnished :


Hi Alexis,
Very nice build :+1:. Especially, I like the look of the front panels. What kind of wood is this? The only thing I’m not sure about is whether the front panels may influence the sound in a negative way since they will probably change the dispersion characteristics of the speakers. However, I’m not an expert in acoustics.
Best regards,

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Hi Ethan,
The front panels are made with walnut.
It took me some time to find the wood, so I’ve been using the speakers without them for a few months. I was also wondering if they would influence the sound, but I cannot ear any difference since I added them.
I’m not saying that there is no effect at all, but since I don’t hear it, it’s all good for me :slight_smile:

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Hi Alexis,
Wow, amazing! I can’t believe this is your first speaker build. It has a very good quality of your design.
Especially the wood+ black which very attract me :grinning:

By this build which power supply do you use? I am curious about the power output.


The project seems like a lot of fun!!!
It sounded so good that I also want to buy one for my system.
The speaker looks quite small, but it should be loud enough, right? It looks easy to assemble also.


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Hi Alexis,
That’s pretty great as a first speaker build! :clap:

It seems that you added a button board, how much additional volts does it need to supply? Or would a direct connection to the Up2stream Amp v3 work?


Hello Alexis_Brutal
So amazing! It is really the first speaker u have made? I think u are just so expert about the project.
The design is so wonderful. One thing I am not sure about so I want to ask you because it seems u added another expansion board, can I add a SPDIF INPUT expansion also?


I’m using arylic’s 24v 4.16A power supply. The power output is 2x50W at 4Ω. It’s more than enough for theses speakers.

The button expansion board doesn’t need any additional power, it’s powered by the Up2Stream Amp board.

I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be a problem

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Hi Alexis,
This speaker looks very cool!I would also like to have a set.
just i have a question, can this be connected to a usb DAC?
Great work, thanks for sharing!

If the internal DAC isn’t good enough for you, you can buy the SPDIF Out expansion board which will add a toslink and a coaxial connector.

But if your goal isn’t to use it as an amplifier (if you connect an external DAC, I suppose that you’ll connect your DAC to an other amplifier), then you should maybe consider the Up2Stream mini or pro which doesn’t have an integrated amplifier.

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I am astonished by the professionalism of the finished components!
Very nice work.!
I hope they will offer you calming hours of listening to your favorite music!