My BP50 Preamp looses sound often, especially when shifting streaming service on TV

My BP50 Preamp (Tag in this system is missing this label) loses sound more often than not.

This is a weird periodic flaw in the DAC.

My connections are
From TV to BP50 via HDMI ARC I only use TV as source.
Into BP50 via HDMI ARC
Aout from either RCA to external speakers
Via Blutooth APTX AD which works flawless (this connection never loses sound when connected.

Apparantly the ARC sound is dependent on the input the TV gives it. On the TV I switch apps/streaming services often.
Usually no problems with streaming from different sources like (Spotify, Netflix, Viaplay etc.)
But when streaming from Google TV shop. The sound stop the stream altogether or I lose sound in RCA output/BT. The sound also disappears from other streaming services more and more often.

To try and fix/troubleshoot the issue. I have switched input to line, and after 20 sec. the TV picks up the change and writes TV speakers active on the screen and sound is active from TV speakers.
Clicking back to ARC input, sometimes sound will start after a couple of seconds. Or it will be muted, whereas I turn op and down the vol. This has worked many times.
But now after one month of use. The problem seems to be getting worse. And I am now losing patience with work-aorunds. I need sound that just works.

I see no apparant pattern in this. What can be done. I am in the proces of returning the BP50 to Amazon. But I really like the sound and general design. So hate to do this. But the sound dropping out is driving us crazy…

Please help

I too have been experiencing issues with HDMI ARC output from a much older (and simpler app software supporting) TV: Vizio M601d-A3

With this TV connected via HDMI ARC port to the BP50, I often see audio drop-outs mostly in the following circumstances:

  1. When sending audio to the TV over another HDMI connected HTPC, and skipping around quickly in the video/audio source. (e.g. watching YouTube in a browser tab and skipping back or forward in the video timeline quickly)
  2. When the TV goes into standby and triggers standby mode in the BP50, then waking up the TV and BP50 via CEC commands from the HTPC’s Pulse-Eight CEC adapter… often the BP50 loses HDMI ARC output from the TV somehow. A reset of BP50 by switching to Line-in source and back to HDMI ARC source usually fixes the issue until it occurs next time. Alternatively, switching the Vizio TV’s built-in speakers off and on again, or else switching HDMI ARC output from PCM to “Bitstream” and back again can sometimes also restore HDMI ARC audio until the next time this issue occurs.

I suspect that it’s due to a similar problem that is often seen with S/PDIF audio sent on noisy copper RCA. A common issue with S/PDIF clocking and losing digital audio sampling frequency lock between devices can often occur when noise or jitter is present in the signal wires. With S/PDIF, this can cause loss of clock sync on the receiving end because there is no separate clock signal line on RCA. That protocol requires the receiver device to listen for clocking rate by using a “flywheel” type of signal processing method known as a “phase-locked loop” (PLL) wherein the clock and sampling frequency are deduced by the receiver from watching how fast the data “packets” or “words” are being sent on the wire.

As such, common-mode noise on the line can interfere with that, and cause all kinds of problems.

The same problem can likely occur with HDMI ARC, because the signal line used acts much in the same way with the receiver having to deduce the sampling rate sent by the source device using PLL and by watching the PCM audio samples sent on the HDMI cable wire.

Some further technical and electrical engineering explanation for this issue can be found at the link below:

Audio Science Review: A Deep Dive into HDMI Performance

I’m dealing with that same issue too. Anyone figure out a fix for it yet?