My Arylic B50 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Experience

I wanted to share my experience with the newly released Arylic B50 stereo amplifier. I have several arylic streaming devices in my home music network and they work perfectly for our whole home audio setup. The missing link in my system has been our central TV and the music zone in that room. We are not huge Home Theater folks… a simple 2.1 setup is perfect for us. I was using an SMSL AD18 amplifier connected with Toslink and it worked OK but was limited in that it did not have ARC compatibility so I needed another remote. The other issue was uneven volume changes during app transitions and input changes. Blasted one moment and hushed the next. I ran across an ad for the B50 and it was on sale at an introductory price that was very appealing 115USD or 139USD. The B50 solved all my issues and added even more functionality. Elegant and functional the ARC input works flawlessly. The amp sounds good powering my polk bookshelves and sub. Volume changes are subtle and limited by the software. I have my Arylic S50 connected so now have a streaming music zone as well. No more extra remote…additional control can be achieved with the software app on my phone (including EQ settings) but once it’s set no longer needed. For our use the B50 is the perfect solution, I dislike the look of soundbars and the ever increasing number of surround speakers required for home theater.


Unfortunately the B50 experience hasn’t been so smooth for me. I’ve found the HDMI ARC functionality to be glitchy.

On my newest TV (2022 TCL 6 Series), the B50 won’t handshake with my TV via HDMI Arc. No sound, no volume control. Yet I’ve had no such issues with three different soundbars on the same TV.

On my older TV, the HDMI works but the volume output is very low - much lower than bluetooth or line in.

I’m returning mine but hope Arylic irons out the kinks via a firmware update. If so, I’d happily buy it again.