Multizone Switching Speed


I love Arylic’s products and have been putting different DIY boards all over the place.
The biggest difference between Sonos and Arylic that I’m encountering is the speed of reconfiguring zones. Specifically, If I combine the Kitchen Zone with the Living Room zone on Sonos, it takes about 1 second to combine them and the same amount of time to separate the zones. With Arylic, it seems to take a long time. When I drop one zone on top of the other, it can take 10 seconds or more till the zones are combined. I’m using the 4Stream App on Android version 3.1.210324.

Is there a chance that this could be optimized and reduced to a 1 second process?

Thank you!


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From discussions in the HASS forums I understood that there are 2 multizone configuring methods available but the app always uses the one based on a master wifi AP with slaves connecting to it, that is slower.
The other method seems to be faster. Would arylic implement it as the main multizone grouping method?

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Yes, we’re considering to change to the router mode, which will remove the limitation for the distance between master and slave. It will be added in next firmware update, actually the beta test firmware and app is using this method.

will it solve the problem we have with the external DAC volume , when connected as a slave?

e, no… this issue can’t be just solved by software.