Multiroom or AirPlay 2 in the future for A50+?

Hi guys,

I am making a project for my living room, balcony (which are integrated) and bedroom. I’d use three A50+, one for the living room, another for the balcony and another one for the dorm.

For the living/balcony, I’d use two TVs (sharing the same Apple TV as the image source) and those could be connected through optical.

I see that A50+ does not support AirPlay2. Even if I wanted to share TV audio through AirPlay from the Apple TV instead of optical, I wouldn’t be able to make a multiroom between living and balcony, right? Should I split the optical between two Arylics?

If I just use music, the only way to make a multiroom would be via 4Stream app?

Thank you so much!