MultiRoom Audio With Up2Stream Amp 2

Hey a couple years ago I had setup a multiroom audio in my house with Volumio and Raspberry PI’s. But due to some issues that I encountered with the system due MicroSD cards kept on failing; I’ve decided to re-evaluate that setup. Throughout that journey, I’ve discovered these all in one audio modules(Up2Stream Amp 2). After, setting them up and have running for about 6 to 8 months now; i’ve decided to share with the community.


  1. 5 Up2Stream Amp 2
  2. 1 POE Switch
  3. 5 POE over Ethernet Adapter

On a side note, All my rooms speaker are wired back to a smart panel and I was able to integrate them into HA using this component:
LinkPlay Integration

Things To Do:

  1. TTS
  2. Group join and unjoin using automation.