MultiRoom Audio With Up2Stream Amp 2

Hey a couple years ago I had setup a multiroom audio in my house with Volumio and Raspberry PI’s. But due to some issues that I encountered with the system due MicroSD cards kept on failing; I’ve decided to re-evaluate that setup. Throughout that journey, I’ve discovered these all in one audio modules(Up2Stream Amp 2). After, setting them up and have running for about 6 to 8 months now; i’ve decided to share with the community.


  1. 5 Up2Stream Amp 2
  2. 1 POE Switch
  3. 5 POE over Ethernet Adapter

On a side note, All my rooms speaker are wired back to a smart panel and I was able to integrate them into HA using this component:
LinkPlay Integration

Things To Do:

  1. TTS
  2. Group join and unjoin using automation.
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Wow !!! A true network admin style installation :sunglasses: :+1:
Please, share your experience with this setup.

What is the model of your PoE switch? Looks like its total PoE power budget is enough to run those five Up2Stream Amp V4 units via 12V*2A splitters.
Are there any overheating or stability issues?

What kind of speakers do you have connected?
I’m wondering about the total power consumption of the load…

Connecting speakers via 2+2 pairs of Cat6 UTP 23AWG cable is a nice lifehack :grinning:
How long are your UTP cable segments?
Are there any significant power or sound quality losses?

First off thanks for your feedback. So far i have been running this setup for almost 6 months now and i haven’t had any issue. I have them connected to a Trendnet POE switch model: TPE–TG50g/A 8ports. All my connection are made with cat6e average run 50feet to all rooms. Although i have one small issue where one player is turning down the volume automatically and for the life of me, i cannot figure it out yet. I’m using these speakers and sounds are pretty decent.

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