Moving from Sonos and have some questions

is it possible for other family members to also download the app on their phones and control the various systems in different rooms?

We have Sonos in 6 rooms currently (with Arylic could add more) if I am playing something in a room is it possible for someone else to come in or even accidentally from another room, interrupt my sound?

Any other pitfalls or issues I may run into switching over?

Thanks in advance!

Yes. All family members will see all devices and what’s going on (e.g. Multiroom, current track etc.) on each of the Arylic Devices on the LAN/WLAN.

Yes, there is no “admin” just users. The last command for a particular device will the one that is excecuted.

Have a good look round the forum. There are a lot of active users posting interesting stuff, cool hardware projects, cool software projects, bugs, pitfalls, sharing their own experience. It’s a very nice and friendly forum :slight_smile:

I guess you’ll find most of the answers you are looking for by looking at previous posts & topics.

Hope this helps, Kevin

Thanks for the fast and friendly reply! I’m pretty stoked to switch over. Kinda tired of not being able to swap speakers, set-ups, etc. I’m an OLD dog that likes new trick and Sonos, while works well, does have down falls and limitations.

Hope to meet some other Arylic users around here.

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