Mono wiring Arylic Amp


I wanted to try out two amp in mono mode to get more punch from the speakers - I don’t think I’ve wired them correctly because levels seem the same.

Could someone indicate the correct way to wire them. I’ve seen online diagram where you double the cable except my cable is already pulled to the speaker.

What should I do - put like a y cable and connect on each strand (+ and - from the speaker)

Thanks for the help

Assuming you have the board jumpers in the mono location, either - or + speaker connectors will work, doubling the speaker cables won’t give you any additional “punch”.
Maybe tweak the bass on the app EQ?

you could find the silk print on the rear side of board to help connecting for the mono mode.
And the AMP would work in PBTL mode when you select the MONO mode. It would support more current in this mode, and to get more output power, you could use low impedance speakers like 2Ohm, and this is from TI3116 spec:

I don’t know if it’s possible, but could you run a wire between your two speakers and wire them is series off of one bridged mono amplifier? If they are 8ohm speakers, the amplifier will see them as 4ohm, likewise if they are 4ohm speakers, it will see them as 2ohm, like Frank says, you should see more power.

Does one need to connect both "+"s and "-"s to the same mono speaker?
Or do you only use one “+” and one “-”?

Where it shows MONO on the back of the board, it shows OUT- OUT- OUT+ OUT+, as the stereo amplifier is internally bridged together, either of the negative’s and positives can be used.


Ok, I wired the two neg together and the two pos together. Then connected them to the respective terminals of my mono speaker. I will rewire it using just one pos and one neg.