mobile broadband expansion board?

Is there a expansion board with mobile broadband.
I’ll like to use the speaker as an mobile broadband access point so i can for an example play Spotify and leave it still playing so it maby need to have a small computer inside also.

Maybe some one has a board like that or know a smart way to do this.

Will it have to be battery operated?
Maybe you could use a Raspberry Pi with Volumio or similar for the Spotify and something like a Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 mobile hotspot 4G LTE router for the hotspot?, it can handle 20 clients.

i know that RPi is a option, a mobile broadband router is also an option.
but i want it to be a part of the rest.

if i was going the RPi way i must know the pinout of the module so i can implement it in to the amp board like the bluetooth module.

Hi Henrik,
You would need a pi hat DAC module to feed your amplifier for the speakers.
IMHO, the setup you are requiring is probably best done without Arylic boards involved.

I think a mobile WIFI hotspot product would be enough, or an old phone in case you did not throw away :slight_smile:

Yes it will work, but it is not smart to build in to a speaker, that why i need it as a module.

If you use Spotify-connect and have some kind of hotspot it will still play when you leave it (but you can only control it on the distance)