Mix Input Sources

Are the Arylic devices able to mix multiple input sources? For instance, have a computer and a phone connected and hear audio from both at the same time. This would be especially useful if a google home is connected via Bluetooth along with another source. Maybe this is obvious but I couldn’t find a clear answer in the documentation.


I have a number of Arylic devices that are all ethernet connected, with the app I can group two, three or all and play the same source on all or un-group them and use each separately with their own music source

I must not have phrased my question clearly. I want to have one Arylic device and have both the bluetooth and the line input play through the output at the same time, rather than picking one or the other. Is that possible?

I’d say probably not, as you are most probably aware, the inputs and digitally switched internally.
I don’t recall seeing an option in the workbench tuning tool software to allow for two different sources to be played simultaneously on the same device.

It’s possible in technic, but we need to implement this with firmware. I’ll add this into the feature list.

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