Mini's in Stereo pair; out-of-synch frequently


  • 2 active speakers
  • 2 Up2Stream Mini’s integrated in the active speakers, making them wireless.
  • Both speakers grouped in 4Stream App to act as Stereo pair.
  • Listening to streams via Spotify.

This setup I have made already several times, with no issues.


  1. Out-of-synch - The speakers frequently are out of sync, which is very obvious hearable. At that moment the left speakers is slower than the other to produce the sound. Sometimes it becomes silent for a fraction of a second. It takes roughly a second (or two) to re-synchronize. And than after some time it repeats again. For example, listening for one hour, the out-of-synch happened 5 or 6 times.
  2. Crackling or no sound - Sometimes the left speaker starts making a crackling noise. It kept doing this after I changed the Up2Stream Mini in this speaker.

What I have done

  1. The left speaker seemed to have the most trouble, so I changed the Up2Stream Mini for a new one > Result: no change.
  2. I checked the WiFi signal strength on both speakers: 99% and 100%.
  3. I compared to another set (exactly the same build up of active speaker and Mini). The other set had the same WiFi signal strength and has no issues with out-of-synch.
  4. I changed the way of grouping from making the Left speaker the main speaker (Master), instead of vice versa > Result: no change.


  1. Is there anything I can do to minimize the latency/out-of-synch between the two speakers/Mini’s? (Maybe via ACP workbench software?)
  2. Any other suggestions?

I have same trouble, not with the mini but with another Arylic product.
I need to do some investigations, but it seems the problem is the wifi transmission maybe some setting in the router or in the wifi module in the Arylic product.
The signal strength isn’t the mainly quality indicator.

After extensive reseach, testing and trying …

I have found that this is not an Arylic / Up2Stream issue. This is simply a WiFi issue.
I learned that all WiFi network conditions might seem ok, but that Up2Stream powered speakers still might have an issue. Especially when grouped together for multi-room for instance. In my situation, both speakers were only 5 to 6 meters away from the router. But one speaker had issues: not synching well with the ozther, causing hick-ups and somes times crackling noises.
After adding a WiFi hotspot just outside thwe wall closet where the router sits, all issues were gone.

My adfvice for anyone that has this kind of issues; first look at adding strong WiFi signal. Sometimes, only one wall in between can be too much.