Mini V1 - Spotify connect issue

Hi Everyone,

I have 3 Mini V1 and a pro V2.

The modules were working fine until end of September.
4stream app, Spotify connect etc.

The modules were disconnected around 2 weeks.

At the moment i am facing an issue with the Mini v1 modules with spotify connect.
The modules show up in the Spotify app, starting to play without an issue.
Suddenly the music stops, can take 1 min or more, if we try to check the Mini v1 modules on spotify app they don’t show up for while, after few minutes they available again.
On the 4stream app the modules are always available, and playing radio on Tunein is not a problem.

Just Spotify connect seems the problem.

My questions are:

  • Is this something connect to wifi network? (i doesn’t look like)
  • Somebody with the same modules can try and give me the feedback?
  • Was there any update on spotify side which made this modules obsolete?
    since there was not any firmware update since 2018.

Note: My Pro V2 - connect over Ethernet works without an issue.

Mini v1 - connect to wifi
Firmware version: 3.86119.4
Build Date:20180919

Pro V2 - connect over Ethernet
Firmware version: 4.6.329454.25
Build Date: 20210915




Hi, the WIFI module need new firmware to update the Spotify SDK to be working again. Please try to use this link to redirect the upgrading server: (remember to replace the IP to your device’s)
And then you might see a new version on APP.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I already tried but unfortunately didn’t work, the query is made but doesn’t trigger the firmware upgrade.

Do you have the firmware? i could try the upgrade manually.


Please find bellow the info regarding the Mini v1 linkplay, maybe it helps.


Thanks a lot Frank it worked!
I was missing the step - go to the APP after send the http command.

My modules are back alive :slight_smile: