Micro SD Card

I have installed the new app, version Now, I can’t see the music files on my SD card. I can see a folder on the card named /storage, but cannot browse to the music files on the SD card.

Is anyone else having the same issue?



Hi this is a confirmed bug, will solve it in new version.

Thank you , Frank.

@Jarrod_Armstrong @zpl1025 Just for my understanding. Which products have SD card storage ? Not come across that yet ! Many thanks in advance, Kevin


The SD card is in my phone, not the Arylic device. The app on the phone allows you to browse local media. Click browse from the app when a device is selected, then under My Music, the Phone option should show the contents of the SD card in the phone, or music files on the phone. This no longer works.

I hope this helps clarify.



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It does indeed clear it up for me. I hadn’t considered the SD card on the phone as a source but it makes sense now :slightly_smiling_face:

Will try it

Regards, Kevin


Thanks for getting the app updated so quickly. I can now see the files on my SD card on my phone!

You are Awesome!

Thanks for the great support!