Marine Audio

Hello - I’m looking at adding the S50 Pro+ to my boat. Would this unit work connected to a marine amplifier with 4 ohm marine speakers? Would it be sufficient to use this devie? Please see specs below.

Marine Amplifier:

Amplifier Class Class-D
CEA-2006 Power Rating 150-watt RMS x 4 @ 14.4 V input - 4 ohm < 1% THD
Total Rated Power Output - 2 ohm (watt) 290-watt RMS x 4 @ 14.4 V input - 2 ohm < 1% THD
Total Rated Power Output - 4 ohm Bridged (watt) 580-watt RMS x 2 @ 14.4 V input - 4 ohm Bridged < 1% THD
Peak Power (watt) 1200-watt
Input Sensitivity 1.3 V RMS
Input Impedance 22k ohm
Operating Voltage 10.8 V - 16 V DC
Current Consumption (StandBy) < 5 mA @ 14.4 V input
Current Consumption (Idle) < 1.15 A @ 14.4 V input
Current Consumption (Max) 53 A


  • Peak Power - 280 Watts
  • RMS Power - 100 Watts
  • Nominal Impedance - 4 ohms
  • Overall Dimensions (Diameter x Depth) - 7.72" x 4.37" (196 x 111 mm)
  • Mounting Depth - 3.39" (86 mm)
  • Sensitivity - 91 dB

Can’t see why not.

The input sensitivity is not enough for S50PRO+, the max output of S50 is 2Vrms. This might cause some noise when you set high volume.

Your eardrums would probably be ringing anyway, if you thought that it was going to be an issue, add a voltage divider circuit on the Arylic outputs.
I’ll draw you a sketch if you are interested.

Thanks for the heads up. I did not realize the input sensitivity. Appreciate the feedback. Any thoughts on how this streamer may work with a car or marine AMP?

If you are just going to stream from your phone or device, (I presume you are not being close to a network) why don’t you get a S10 instead?

Thanks Steve - So, the S10 would work better? Sorry, the input sensitivity never registered with me. I guess i was looking at the Aptx streaming and better dac. If i connected via optical, wouldn’t that work. Ultimately trying to find the best way to connect a streamer into this amp(or any marine amp) to get hi res music.

I was just thinking that you were buying features that you might not need, however if you want ‘better’ sound then your initial choice would be a better option for you.

Thanks, so you could connect to the amp via optical and get good sound? Would the amp relay the hifi music to the speakers? Sorry, learning along the way

Not with you, does the amp have an optical (digital) input?

Sorry, yes it has an optical input on the 12 volt amplifier. Goal is to use the Arylic into the amplifier and get best possible sound output.

Perfect, you shouldn’t have any issues then.

Great. Thanks Steve.