Manual control for Up2Stream Amp Mono

Hi everyone!

I just installed the Arylic mono amp inside an old radio that was totally broken.

I’m really happy with how it’s looking, song is wonderful but there’s still something that I’d like to do.

On my old radio, there were 3 potentiometers.

I would really like to implement them again inside the setup. Maybe to set volume up and down, to switch between Bluetooth and wifi…

Do you think there would be a way to do so? Thanks in advance!

You cannot add an analogue volume control to your board, it would need to be digital. You could add an volume control encoder board which the comparison chart says is compatible to your board.

For input changes, maybe you could use a momentary contact rotary switch for mode change, the circuit is shown in the manual.
LEDs could be added to show your selection.

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